Take a Reliable, Valid & Anonymous Screening 

Private, no cost, takes 10 to 12 minutes

[Description of Screening & Results]

  1. After completing the questionnaire, be sure to write down or save the KEY CODE exactly using upper and lower case. (example: Wm13d4y)

  2. Save or print the PDF of your results to give to your counselor or therapist.

  3. Our counselors and therapist can't recover your results if you lose the KEY CODE.


Our Counselors & Therapists

We believe psychotherapy practice requires us to demonstrate quality, see patients in a timely manner and protect patient privacy.


As part of membership AMHA provides

charting, appointment
outcome measurement software

This software supports building practices, coordination of care, demonstration of quality, evidence of medical necessity, and contracts with Healthplans.


member Provider benefit options:

  • Online therapist locator, directory & patient resources.

  • Topic group email listserv.

  • Electronic charting system.

  • Medically necessary chart notes & coordinated care chart notes.

  • Online screening, progress & satisfaction measurement tools.

  • Options to book appointments immediately online.

  • Options that allow patients to make, reschedule & cancel tentative appointments.

  • Promotion of your services to peers.

  • Opportunities to publish articles on blogs.

  • Patients and professionals can search for providers and services.

  • Display of your professional practice information.

  • Event and practice advertising.

  • Placement on leading search engines.