Non-Licensed Supervised AMHA-OR Member            $6/Month  

Associate Member Application  <link

This is an on-line application. You might read through it before you begin filling it out. If you stop during the completion process, your entries will not be saved.

You will be advised when your application is approved.

Go to SignUp to complete your enrollment process online

The SIGNUP link takes you into the AMHA-OR marketing site:

You will see a page that invites you to enter your name, address, etc. Start at the top, fill in the information in all sections. Since you are not yet licensed, please enter your internship or resident status and your supervisor's name in the section provided for your present employment.

  • If you are short for time, begin by scrolling down to create a username and password for your marketing page. With your saved username and password, you can go back and work on your page later. Become visible as an AMHA-OR provider by creating a thoughtful and comprehensive marketing page. When you begin your $6 monthly payment, your marketing page will be made visible to the public.

Your approved Associate Membership offers you many benefits:    

  • AMHA-OR member discounts.

  • Participation in member consultation groups.

  • Uniquely searchable web directory/referral page.

  • On-line advertising.

  • The capacity to upload videos, and to upload downloadable .pdfs (i.e. intake forms, information about your practice).

  • Blog editor and support.

  • Initial appointment scheduling.

  • Construct one or several websites on domains you own.

  • Training toward participation in AMHA-OR private practice group contracts/closed panels after you are licensed.

  • Electronic Mental Health Record including screening, follow-up and care coordination

    • Includes Microsoft Azure HIPAA Assurance

    • Records you can leave on-line or download to keep as your electronic copy

    • Capacity to analyze patient progress and patients’ progress for your own practice.

    • Capacity to FAX Progress or Care Coordination notes directly from the patient record.