Non-Licensed Supervised AMHA-OR Member            $6/Month  

Associate Member Application  <link

Your approved Associate Member Application offers you many benefits.    

  • AMHA-OR member discounts.

  • Listserv.

  • Internet advertising for client self-referral, at  

  • Install links (i.e. to personal web page and/or professional affiliation sites).

  • Book initial appointments and/or pre-appointment phone interviews online.

  • Manage appointments online. 

  • Comprehensive screening, progress, health, substance use, and patient satisfaction questionnaires delivered by e-mail or text.

  • Charting, medical necessity, progress and coordinated care notes.

  • Microsoft Azure HIPAA Assurance.

  • Download your records to keep as your electronic copy.

  • Analyze patient progress and group data. 

  • Uniquely searchable web directory/referral page.

  • On-line advertising.

  • Upload videos.

  • Upload and download .pdfs.

  • Blog editor and support (feature activated when there are 75 active members)

  • Training toward participation in AMHA-OR’s private practice group contracts on closed panels after you are licensed.

  • Associate Member Application  <Link

  • You will be advised when your application is approved.

  • Go to SignUp at to finish your enrollment process online; become an AMHA-OR provider by creating your marketing information web page.   

    When you begin your monthly payments, your marketing page will be turned on.