Stay Independent, Join AMHA-OR

AMHA-OR Contracting & Support Benefits

In addition to all the benefits of AMHA-OR membership outlined on the Membership Information page joining AMHA-OR allows you to enjoy …

  1. HealthPlan Contracting. Contract with Healthplans to protect your referrals, income and for greater reimbursements. Contracting AMHA-OR Members have access to exclusive and closed networks.

  2. No-Cost EHR. Provides charting and screening tools which can qualify you for value-based reimbursements with Healthplans.

  3. No-Cost Screening System. Provides the state of the art in best practices using online questionnaires recognized by Healthplans, physicians, mental health professionals and state and federal government.

  4. No-Cost Analytic System. Best practices in population and practice specific analytics.

  5. Marketing & Referral Support included. A membership directory, therapist locator, online training, and an online booking system for initial phone consultations. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Adwords to increase rankings.

  6. Guaranteed Data Privacy, Security & Integrity. The most reliable data base commercially available. Double Log in, multi-factor authentication, windows defender endpoint, automatic security updates by Microsoft Server Security, network monitoring by Microsoft Security Response Center, automatic backup to off-site server centers, mirrored servers, Microsoft Business Associate Agreement, encrypted protected health information, documented data access and processing policy, and monitoring by a 3rd party for HIPAA assurance.

    Pre-licensed mental health professionals under supervision are invited to Associate Membership.

2 Step Member-owner Application

All AMHA-OR members are eligible for contracts for greater reimbursements and audit protection. Contract participation is optional. To apply for membership and be contract eligible complete the following 2 Steps:

Ethical Principle and agreements.PNG

1. Complete your membership application (link here) online. Do this when you have time to read it, if you stop before you come to the SAVE button, the form will not save your entries.

  • Enter your name, phone, and emails.

  • Initial AMHA Ethical Principles for Practice and Business Operations.

  • Sign your AMHA membership agreement. The form defines the ethical framework for membership and for the opportunity to qualify for payer contracts.  If questions come up … Help is available:

membership signup form page 1.JPG

2. Go to SignUp at to finish your enrollment process online; become an AMHA-OR provider by creating your marketing information web page.

When your enrollment process is complete you will be offered confidential opt-in access to contracts currently in place for AMHA-OR members.

After you are fully enrolled you can gain access to the LightQ Electronic Health Record (EHR) included with your membership, whether or not you participate in contracts. It is protected by an second layer of security; the highest level of password protection possible.

For access to the EHR you must request a 2nd username and a temporary password by contacting

If your private practice is incorporated and includes six or more licensed professionals, contact for group rate information.

Generate referrals, income &
gain access to closed & exclusive networks.


Video review of Therapist Locator

Comprehensive Charting & Screening System

Accessing LightQ Help
(1 min 15 sec)


How to LogIn 
(30 sec)


Reset your password
(1 min 10 sec)


Edit your account information
(40 sec)


Create a patient record
(2 min 15 sec)


Search and find a patient record
(55 sec)


Create a chart note
(4 min 15 sec)


View & edit a chart note
(50 sec)


Analyze patient screening data
(1 min 50 sec)


Create a progress and coordinated care note
(2 min 15 sec)


Send a screening by secure email
(4 min 10 sec)


Use for anonymous screening
(2 min 25 sec)


Refer a patient to complete an anonymous screening
(2 min 25 sec)


Upload an anonymous screening result completed at using patient KEY Code
(40 sec)


Membership website

Help & Information

If you need help or more information contact

  • (technical support or problems)


  • AMHA Administrator, call Elise Campbell at (503) 222-0332 (membership questions)