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Mari Kresge Alexander, LMFT

Northwest Portland

811 NW 20th Ave, Suite 201,
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 523-9630
Fax:  (503) 241-5537
24 hr phone:  (503) 523-9630

Accepting new clients: Yes

License:  #T 0523

Usual Office Hours: 

  • Tuesdays through Fridays
  • 8 am to 5 pm Evenings appointments available one evening per week


    • Usual and Customary Fee:  $130.00 per 50 minute hour.
    • Individual sessions:  $130.00
    • Couples and families:  $155.00.
    • Extended sessions available and cost is prorated. 

    Professional Focus

      Populations Served:  Couple, Elders, Family, Gay, Gay Couple, Geriatric, Lesbian, Lesbian Couple

      Are you living the life you want to live? Being the person you want to be? If not, I will, in partnership with you, help you determine what is getting in your way and how you can address these issues.  Whether as a therapist, counselor, coach or trainer my intent is to work with you to identify your needs and aid you in fulfilling them, understanding what may get in your way and equip you with skills to sustain what you learn.

      I have particular interest in working with people who:

      • are in transition from job, relationship, loss, kids leaving home, physical ability or career; 
      • want to improve their relationships & communication skills at home or work;
      • are pregnant and preparing for parenthood or have just become a new parent;
      • suffer from post-partum, premenstrual, or menopausal mood changes;
      • desire someone knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues, lesbian/gay families & transitioning; 
      • suffer from anxiety, depression or loss and grief
      • are dealing with acute or chronic medical illness or have had traumatic medical experiences;
      • are part of other cultures, by heritage or lifestyle, and having difficulty ;
      • are preparing for living overseas or returning to their home country (re-entry issues).
      •  get easily triggered and want to learn different ways of responding.

      Additional Services:

      • Compassionate Communication Training
      • Cross Cultural Training
      • Coaching Groups for Couples on Birth & New Parenting


        • Highest Degree Earned: M.S. Clinical Psychology
        • Discipline: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
        • B.A. in Health Care Sciences & Physician Assistant Certificate,G.W.U Medical School; 

        M.S., Clinical Psychology, San Francisco State; Training in Non-Violent Communication & Cultural Competency.

        Specialty Training:

        • Intercultural Communication Training 600 hours
        • Interpersonal Neurobiology, PSU Certification course
        • Non-Violent Communication Training 600 hours

        Presently In certification program at PSU in Interpersonal Neurobiology.


        I have 29 years of psychotherapist in the USA and overseas, in Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe, in community mental health, medical facilities and private practice. 

        Led groups for pregnant & new parents (psycho-educational).

        Designed & conducted trainings in

        • Cultural Competency,
        • Adaptation and Team Building and effective multicultural teams,
        • communication skill building for couples, families and groups.

        Instructor of cultural competency in healthcare, death and dying and psychotherapy.

        Practicing Physician Assistant in Primary Care. 

            Hospital and/or Teaching Affiliations

            I teach helping professionals how to provide care in ways that meet people's needs from all walks of life, ethnicities, philosophies and ages. 

            Professional Affiliations / Activities:

            • American Mental Health Alliance - Oregon 
            • Oregon Mental Health Counseling Association 
            • Baby Blues Connection volunteer facilitator
            • Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research; Intercultural Communication Institute and The Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS). 


            I have facilitated groups for pregnant and new families to prepare them for birth and the transition into parenthood or an expanded family. This kind of psycho-educational group aides in attachment with baby while also growing coupledom. Forthcoming groups will depend on the community need.