Membership Benefits and Options

AMHA-OR recognizes that members have different needs and areas of interest.  AMHA members can use all the benefits available or just the benefits they choose.

  1. Peer consultation and study groups are a core value of AMHA-OR, members are supported to organize and participate in groups they create and maintain.

  2. Peer review of quality care is protected by State Law for contract eligible members.

  3. Referral Directory at with quick and advanced search engine offers WAY more features than any other referral system; helps clients find the professional services they need.

  4. Members will be able to upload their own office forms.

  5. Members’ discussion and cross-referral listserv.

  6. Member Discounts on some services, tools and continuing education.

  7. Privacy Protected online client screening resources.

  8. Online measurement system using widely accepted screening and progress measures.

  9. Online screening and progress questionnaires delivered by kiosk, web portal, email or text.

  10. Members have the option to allow people to book initial consultation appointments online.

  11. Members have the option to allow patients to book future appointments online.

  12. Members may create an unlimited number of free unique websites from their dashboard at

  13. Free-with-membership EHR system includes HIPAA compliant chart notes meeting basic, comprehensive, progress and medical necessity requirements.

  14. EHR system includes a Coordination of Care chart note which automatically includes a graph of progress, after 3 measures have been made

  15. EHR system allows Members to print chart notes as pdfs.

  16. EHR system allows Members to make a “bulk download” of their chart notes as .pdfs

  17. Analytic system allows members to examine their own patients’ data.

  18. Contract negotiation and administrative support

  19. Online training to ensure professional readiness to contract.

  20. Contracts with health plans

Membership & Participation Options

  • $6/month Professionals under approved supervision toward their license may participate in the referral directory, online features and most member benefits as Associate Members. May join at any time

AMHA-OR Owner-Membership Requirements

  • State License for independent practice of a mental health discipline.

  • Malpractice insurance (1,000,000 occurrence 3,000,000 aggregate) and General Liability Insurance

  • Approval by the Board of Directors of candidate's Enrollment Application.

  • Membership in AMHA-OR is provisional for the first year.

  • Members agree to accept Bylaws and Policies adopted by AMHA-OR.

  • Peer-consultation is a requirement of and support for members.

  • Owner-Members serve on committees and as Board members and officers.

  • Members agree to AMHA-OR policies concerning their ethical responsibilities to colleagues and clients.

Contracting with Healthplans

Keep your current EHR if you choose.  AMHA-OR offers an online platform (which meets group and individual contracts requirements) at no extra charge.  AMHA members have responsibility for and control over their contracts with Healthplans. 

Written agreements involve the provision of services to individuals and groups of mental health who are seeking Value Based Contracts (VBC) that involve Alternative Payment Methods (APM). These methods may include Value Based Payments (VPM), Risk-sharing, Pay for Performance (P4P) and Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT).  

Peer Consultation & Supervision

AMHA members have created an interdisciplinary community that promotes and supports sound clinical practice through participation in peer study and consultation.  AMHA-OR Bylaws require that all members belong to a Peer Consultation Group or have other formal study, consultation or supervision. The expectation is that consultation/supervision or study meetings will be held at least once a month. AMHA-OR members can choose to meet with a single peer consultant or supervisor. 

Peer consultation

  • creates and supports professional community.

  • encourages ethical practice and provides networking opportunities.

  • supports AMHA-OR members as they provide quality care to clients.

  • supports counseling and therapy services through appropriate referrals and improved decision making capabilities.

  • helps prevent therapist burnout by decreasing the isolation therapists can experience in private practice.

  • allows mentoring opportunities in therapy skills and business practices.

  • is a quality assurance strategy. When we present our practices to the public, when we market contracts for services the fact of our peer consultation is an assurance to clients of our well-developed skills and our clinical depth.

  • is a growing standard of practice across the country. In many cases, peer supervision is a required standard of behavior.

Three basic reasons to start, join or formalize A consultation group

  1. Less Risk and Lower Liability.

  2. Save Time and Money.

  3. Professional Growth.

Contact us if you want to know more

If you are interested in joining an existing peer consultation group, or would like to form a new one, you are encouraged to post a message on the AMHA-OR list serve and to contact AMHA-OR Administrator Elise Campbell at 503-222-0332.  

AMHA-OR Bylaws

Download Bylaws