Our Mission

The Mission of the American Mental Health Alliance-USA is to support and market competent, ethical mental health services that preserve privacy and confidentiality.

We encourage our members to work together, as a community of professionals, to provide excellent mental health services and resources to people they serve.

We invite mental health professionals of all disciplines to Join Us in our pursuit of excellent practice management and promotion. We achieve this through the use of online and printed directories, organized referral networks, and other tools to help professionals establish and grow their businesses in an ethical and responsible manner.

AMHA-OR is a learning organization and quite possibly the best association of mental health professionals capable of supporting alternative payment methods.
— Behavioral Healthcare Consultant and former healthplan manager

AMHA Supports These Irreducible Principles:
People have the right to choose their own therapists.
Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client in service of the client.
Therapists shall preserve client confidentiality.
Mental health professionals shall create an interdisciplinary community that promotes and supports competent and ethical practice.

Participation offers:

  • Opportunities to participate in leadership and innovation projects.

  • Access to closed panels through AMHA contracts with selected Healthplans.

  • Contracts that protect income and increase referrals.

  • More than 50% membership discount by subscribing to a suite of low cost practice management and marketing tools.

  • A world class therapist locator and directory.

  • Screening, treatment, progress measure, coordinated care and medical necessity chart notes.

  • Comprehensive research data base and tools that can be used to advocate for patients’ needs and therapist practices.