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Create a Future for YOurself & others

  • All AMHA-OR members are committed to ethical quality care.

  • AMHA-OR bylaws structure contract eligibility for all members.

  • AMHA-OR can disclose contract terms, rate increases and AMHA-OR protections for your practice when you accept contract eligibility.

  • Being contract eligible allows AMHA-OR to help protect member’s reimbursement rates and referrals.

  • Whether or not you participate in any AMHA-OR contract is up to you.

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3 Step Membership Renewal

All AMHA-OR members are eligible for contracts for greater reimbursements and audit protection. In order to renew/apply for membership and to be contract eligible you must complete the following 3 Steps:

Ethical Principle and agreements.PNG

1. Complete your membership renewal application online.

  • Enter your name, phone, and emails.

  • Initial AMHA Ethical Principles for Practice and Business Operations.

  • Sign your AMHA membership renewal agreement.

2. For existing AMHA members, your web page has been already been created.

  • Download, view or print the following 9 step instructions.

Password Reset instructions Image 4.JPG
Password Reset instructions Image 5.JPG
Password Reset instructions Image 6.JPG

A Brief Review of AMHA’s free EHR

This no-cost EHR provides charting and screening tools that qualify you for value-based reimbursements with Healthplans that pay more than standard rates. The EHR is integrated with our membership directory, therapist locator, online training and an online booking system for an initial phone consultation .


Help & Information

If you need help or more information contact

  • (technical support or problems)


  • AMHA Administrator, Elise Campbell at (503) 222-0332 (membership enrollment)