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Join & Stay Independent

AMHA requires that all all AMHA member be contract eligible. This is how we can help protect all our members contracts, reimbursement rates, referrals, reduce your risk of audits and demonstrate to Healthplans that AMHA is commited to providing ethical quality care.

Whether you elect to participate in AMHA SmartContracts or not is up to you. But consider the following. We cannot discuss contracts, rates and IPA protections for your practice if you are not contract eligible. The fact that you are an AMHA contract eligible therapist or counselor will allow us to talk with you about rates.

Electronic SignUp

In order to renew/apply for membership and to be contract eligible you must complete the following 5 Steps:

  1. Sign our Ethical Principles for Practice and Business Operation of Collaborative Mental Health Services.

  2. Click here to complete an Online Membership Application.

  3. Sign a Business Associate Agreement with Private Practice Cloud, LLC.

  4.  Sign a Participating Provider Agreement.

  5. Go to the Membership Website and click on SignUp to enter your practice information for your web page.


(Note: Not all application are accepted or accepted immediately.  We may have questions before your application can be approved.)

Do you want to talk to a member?

There are a number of ways to join AMHA.  The best way is to contact us first so we can answer any questions you might have before you apply.  We are very friendly, want to support new professionals and would even like to meet you in person to talk about our experience, values, practice building services and what we do to make practice a safe place.  We also have monthly information meetings. Board meetings are open to the public.

Help and Information

If you need help or more information contact the AMHA Administrator, Elise Campbell at (503) 307-1353.