Janiene Beauchene, JD LCSW

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12750 SW 2nd Street
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 469-9666

Fax:  480) 287-8200
24hr Phone: (503) 469-9666
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Accepting new clients: Yes
Office Settings: Private Practice (solo)
Usual Office Hours:
Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am-7 pm

License #5463

Professional Focus

Youth and Family Therapist

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I am Janiene and this is Abby. Please learn a little about us and how we can help you and those you care about.

I have been a youth and family therapist in private practice for fifteen years.

Healing from trauma is a courageous act. When suffering from a trauma most people feel isolated and cannot relate to their family or experience the joys being connected with others. I am a compassionate therapist and provide a safe atmosphere that honors my client's unique journey toward healing. Trauma can arise from child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, intentional violence, war, motor vehicle accidents, partner battery and natural disasters. Working in collaboration together, we will find the way through the trauma and reform it as a challenge, pain as awareness and growth and the future as opportunity.

  • Assist youth and families to build and maintain strong relationships
  • Teach parents skills to help their children not only change challenging behavior, but shift to a place of deep healing and connection.
  • Address family of origin issues with parents allowing them to cope with their past, so that they can remain responsive, engaged and calm during stressful times.
  • Assist in working through trauma coming from child abuse, neglect, sexual assault, and violence.
  • Assist those going through the stages of grief and helping them learn how to live beyond the loss.
  • As a collaborative divorce coach:
  • Help each spouse manage the pain and strain of changing relationships while focusing on goals for the present and the future.
  • As a neutral child specialist: Help create parenting time plans and parenting arrangements that are customized to fit the unique needs of their family.

Populations Served:

  • Adolescent 12-15
  • Adolescent 15-19
  • Adult, Child 5-11
  • Couple
  • Elders
  • Family
  • Gay
  • Gay Couple
  • Lesbian
  • Lesbian Couple

Treatment Services

 We will help you work through TRAUMA coming from child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, violence, motor vehicle accidents, and natural disasters. Together we will reframe the trauma as a challenge, pain as awareness, and growth and the future as opportunity.

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  1. We assist YOUTH AND FAMILIES to BUILD AND MAINTAIN STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with acceptance, patience and love.
  2. We teach PARENTS SKILLS to help their CHILDREN not only change challenging behavior, but shift to a place of deep healing and connection.
  3. We will address FAMILY OF ORIGIN ISSUES in working with couples and parents allowing them to cope with their past, so that they can remain responsive, engaged and calm during stressful times.
  4. If you are a TEEN and struggling with an eating disorder, depression and/or anxiety, we do know that you respond well to active, authentic, and respectful relating, direct feedback and advice.
  5. FAMILY ADAPTION TO LOSS: All family members in their own ways must confront the reality of a death in the family and include children. We need to reorganize the family system and reinvest in other relationships and life pursuits.
  6. Give support and resources to CARE GIVERS.
  7. We will teach you distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotional regulation and interpersonal relationship skills to assist you in LETTING GO OF ADDICTION/NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS that get in the way of living the life that you choose to live.

Family Therapy

“The absolute essence of parenting is being able to step outside of your own emotional discomfort in order to meet your child at his level of emotional discomfort.”
Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

“The absolute essence of parenting is being able to step outside of your own emotional discomfort in order to meet your child at his level of emotional discomfort.”  Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

Recently, I was contacted by two parents looking for assistance with their two teenage children. The siblings were really angry with each other and couldn’t communicate without verbal and sometimes physical violence. I met with each teen individually and with the parents together before scheduling a family session.  I worked to develop relationships with the individual family members in order to build trust that Abby and I could help their family connect and learn new skills to communicate respectfully with each other.

My first goal was to gather information about and understand each teen’s concerns on the given problem: What stands in the way of the two siblings communicating respectfully to each other? My second goal was to find out the specific concerns of the parents and their perspective of the problem. Our third goal would be to brain storm solutions that were realistic and mutually satisfactory to each member.

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I also have asked the parents about their family of origins. It was interesting that each of the parents had one sibling each and they were disconnected from them.  In this family, the two teens were the only children on both sides. The family ties with the grandparents existed, but their relationships did not seem to offer mutual support. Everyone was reactive rather thane actively listening and responding with curiosity.  To solve the family problem, each family member needed the willingness to look at everyone’s different perspective and be willing to brainstorm and come up with collaborative solutions that were mutually satisfactory and realistic.

Group Therapy

Breaking the Silence:  A Group for Woman who have experienced the trauma of sexual or physical assault

Healing from trauma is a courageous act. I specialize in past traumas in an environment that is safe and honoring of each client's unique journey towards healing. Research tells us that after working through the initial crisis, group therapy is extremely helpful in moving forward in your recovery.

Following an initial screening intake, our Group will meet on Mondays from 6 - 7:30 pm beginning in February and September for sixteen weeks.

  • Location 12750 SW 2nd, St. Suite 204
    Beaverton OR 97005
  • Group rate:  $50.00 per session.

Please call me to schedule your screening intake appointment at 503 469-9666 or email me:  janiene


Free ½ hour consultation

Usual and Customary Fee: $125.00 per 50 minute hour.

This therapist offers a discount for payment at the time of service when there is no requirement for billing or other financial paperwork.

 $150 intake fee,$125.00 usual fee, group and coaching fees vary and can be found on my primary website.

I will work with you to help you submit insurance forms for reimbursement.  If I am on your insurance panel, I will bill them directly for you.


Highest Degree Earned: MSW
Discipline: Clinical Social Work

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1975 with a special education degree.
Twenty years later, I earned my law degree (JD) from Hamline University school of Law in MN.

Six years later, I completed my graduate degree in Social Work from Portland State University.


  • Professional Affiliations / Activities:
  • AMHA-OR Metro
  • Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals
  • NASW