About the new platform for AMHA-OR members

Security and Choices

Private Practice Cloud (PPC) and the software being adopted by AMHA are hosted on the most secure platform available in the commercial sector.  This is called a Secure Platform as a Service (SPaaS). The security of this system greatly exceeds HIPAA requirements. 

The hosting of AMHA-Oregon’s website directory, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Questionnaires system at OregonTherapyOptions.com is more secure than CarePaths, Simple Practice, TherapyAppointments, PsychologyToday, or any other referral or mental health client-interaction system we have been able to find on the internet.

PPC software allows you to do your billing with any willing clearinghouse.  Billing is separated from the EHR to improve security.

Also, the internal separation of the PPC EHR and Questionnaire systems allows you to meet contract requirements (for screening and follow up with willing clients) and the option to use the integrated EHR or a different charting system if you prefer.

Spring 2019 Updates

The PPC software is currently being mobilized for smartphone.  The software has simple analytic features which are valuable to patients and providers.  Results of patient progress can be faxed securely to physicians with the patient/client’s permission. 

An online scheduling system will be released May 2019 or sooner that will allow AMHA-OR members to have potential new patients schedule up to 20 minute phone consultations prior to setting an intake session.  

PPC will conduct a thorough Risk Analysis by a 3rd party technology company and subsequently by a second 3rd party consultant. 

Therapist Locator & patient resources

AMHA-OR has partnered with Private Practice Cloud (PPC) to provide patients and therapists with a world class therapist locator and directory; its features have been created by more than five years of collaborative work by therapists, behavioral healthcare managers, executives and consultants. Features will continue to be added as AMHA-OR members use and suggest improvements to the system.

Therapist Dashboard

Therapists have one dashboard to access information and benefits of their AMHA-OR membership on OregonTherapyOptions.com These fully mobile panels allow members to manage their webpage, access charting, send questionnaires, create blogs and much more.

unique opportunity for AMHA-OR members available May, 2019!

FREE Unlimited Websites! A logged-in member will be able to create unlimited websites! Each page will be uniquely created and have its own domain name/URL A member’s “Unlimited Website” cannot be an exact copy of any other site. Members will manage their websites by their own domain names. Members will point their domain name from their registrar to the Private Practice Cloud (PPC) server after their site is posted.

Sections from the member’s OregonTherapyOptions PPC dashboard can be added to an “Unlimited Website” by clicking a check box (e.g. Blog, Map, Video, etc.) Members will be able to add many content sections to their site(s).

Unlimited Website content and updates will be reviewed by PPC Admin. Unlimited Website content and updates can be disabled (taken offline) by Admin. Admin will cross link all unlimited sites to increase visibility of member practices, other AMHA sites and OregonTherapyOptions.com.


Secure Online Screening Portal — Ready123Go.com

Therapists can now offer potential patients questionnaires they can take anonymously. The provider can upload the anonymous screening result into their charting system. As an alternative the therapist can direct a patient to Ready123Go.com where they can SignUp to receive a link by email or text that allows the patient to complete a confidential questionnaire online.